10 front squats AHAP
10 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 1-3 min. 

8 front squats AHAP
8 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 1-3 min.

6 front squats AHAP
6 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 3-5 min.

4 front squats AHAP
4 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 3-5 min.

2 front squats AHAP
2 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 3-5 min.

1 burnout set of front squats (use 50% of weight used on 2 rep set)

Post weights used to comments.

Today's "GPP Standard" Challenge -

Complete 3 rounds of:

5 pullups
20 situps
15 pushups
10 squats

Post "done" to comments.

Each workout we do has a specific intent.  Some days, it is to put some (relatively) high intensity/short duration onto you.  Other days, it is to put some (relatively) low intensity/long duration onto you.  The intent of the workout changes daily based upon your bodies' changing physical needs throughout the week.  Our programming is complex, but not complicated. 

GPP programming is special, in that all days add on to each other.  So, what we do on Wednesday, of a given week, is because of what we did on Monday & Tuesday.  What we'll do on Thursday and Friday will add to M, T & W.  Due to our unique understanding of health, we've developed a remarkable method for creating healthy and fit bodies which is more complete, more efficient and more effective than any other program. 

But, you have to do it right. 

To get the most out of our programming you have to focus on the intent of each workout.  If you are taking 40 mins to complete a workout that was supposed to be a 10 min ALL OUT burner - you are doing it WRONG.  How can you know the intent of a workout?

A several ways:

1 - Learn our programming philosophies and methods by taking the GPP intensive training.  There will be one in April.  Specifics TBA.  There can be no better way to learn to use our methods and apply them to your health.

2 - Ask!  We've always said, our Veterans are better trainers than most professionals we've worked with.  They are usually quite happy to help.  Dropping a question to comments will usually be answered by our excellent Vets, or (eventually) one of our growing (there are certified GPP trainers in many states and countries now) GPP staff. 

Be sure you've spent some time and energy perusing our stuff.  Several months ago, we received an email from a dude wanting to know our thoughts on nutrition and how he should get started "nutrition wise."  We sent him a kind RTDS and pointed him to the "NUTRITION" tab in the top menu of this site.  Specific questions are more likely to be answered in a personal manner.  

3 - Look back at your past comments and the comments of others.

GPP has created hundreds of unique workouts.  Each has a specific purpose.  Often (generally every quarter - there are no hard rules to this.), we repeat workouts.  This serves to give you some experience with our workouts and to complete the GPP programming objectives for that week. 

The comments section of this blog can help you obtain better health - FASTER.  Reading the comments daily, and preferably adding to them with your own will help you figure out the objectives of a workout.  Nothing can be more helpful than looking back at YOUR OWN past performances and comments you've made.  Just enter the workout + your handle in the search function of this website.

Watching the times and weights used by other Peeps can help you know where you should be for a given workout.  "If Troy", or "Brian S" are completing a workout in 8 mins, and you are spending 40 min on it, you won't see much progress. 

Now, this isn't to say you should be putting up the same numbers as Peeps who have been with us for over 4 years.  But it is reasonable to assume if our Vets are punching out of workouts in 10 mins, you should be punching out shortly thereafter.  NOT that you should be using the same weights.  NOT that you should be doing the same amount of reps, or rounds.  But, if Vets are completing a workout in 10 mins, you need to assume GPP is trying to put short/intense work onto you.  Scale your workout accordingly.  By the same token, if our Vets are working for 40 mins - so should you (after you are up to speed).  

No advice supersedes common sense.  Know your limits.


How to know if it was a pullup day ... (Sid)