For time:

30 pullups
30 shoulders to OH 45/95
30 front squats 45/95
30 deadlifts 95/135
30 K2S

You may NOT partition reps.
Post time to comments.

Today's "GPP Standard" Challenge -

Complete 3 rounds of:

5 pullups
10 situps
15 pushups
20 squats

Post "done" to comments.

This Week's "2 Bursts" Challenge:

Complete 2 cycles of BCD this week.

Report progress daily to comments.

Several thoughts:

1 - When we don't specify how to take the bar OH, you are free to do it how you like.  It is important to make note (to comments) how you did them, so that you'll have an "apples to apples" comparison for next time.

2 - This workout is meant to be a full-out burner.  Your heart rate should be off the charts (rookies ignore).  This means you'll need to have things set up so that you can go from exercise to exercise in rapid succession. 

Most of us use more time than is needed commuting between exercises for rest.  You don't really need it.  When you jump down from your last pullup, no matter how tired you feel, you'll have strength for the shoulder to OH.  There is energy stored in the muscles you'll use for taking the bar OH that you didn't use during pullups.  Our suggestion is, after you complete the last rep of an exercise, storm to the next movement and complete 5-10 reps before having a break - if you need it.  You'll get a better time, and you'll receive more benefit from this workout.  Again, rookies ignore.  Take it at your own safe speed.  Vets - plow this.

3 - We've heard a lot of reports (self-reporting) that after the "No Added Sugar" challenge, many have gotten off track.  This is a shame.  That "No Sugar" thing gave us a much needed head start on a spectacular year of increased health and fitness.  

This "2 Bursts" challenge will get you back on track - if you need it.  Please share progress to comments.  There is much strength in numbers.   


Frankly, I'm surprised he's using both hands.  (Brian S.)