4 rounds for time:

43 OH triceps extension 20/35
43 alt biceps curls 15/20
43 KB swings 25/35
43 bench dips
43 Aussie pullups

Post time to comments.

Today's 2 mile challenge:

200 KB swings 25/35
50 manimals 25/45

Post "done" to comments.

Be CAREFUL with those Aussies today.  Aussie pullups have a penchant for punishing rookies.  If you are new to this movement, or if you haven't done these for a while - SCALE, man. 

We are going pretty heavily at your arms this week.  Hang in there.   Almost done.

Why do we stack workouts like this?  We believe it is a natural thing to do.  We believe it would be unnatural to stimulate, then rest body groups on a uniform basis without deviation.  We have learned that folks who do this aren't as Generally Physically Prepared.  Click HERE to read more.

Many of you have expressed interest in the supplements Troy (ran a marathon last weekend on virtually no training) is taking.  Cool.  He'll be at HQ all day tomorrow to display them.  He'll also be conducting tests to monitor how well your supps are working.  These tests are free and uber-informative. 


Cool way to weight a chinup.  (Tyson)