Perform each exercise individually for time. 

200 squats
200 Aussie pullups
200 KB swings 25/35
200 press Jacks 15/20
200 box switches 15" box (R+L=2)

Post individual times to comments.


Thought we'd give you a heads up on what will be going on at your local GPP this month. 

January is typically a month of re-commitment.  We endorse this.  Not quite so highly as staying healthy and never HAVING to recommit.  Still, we endorse any healthy endeavor.  And we stand ready to help you in a myriad of ways.  This month activities will be concentrated upon re-focusing.  

It is time to get back into shape.  REALLY great shape.  If you'll follow along and participate - actively - you will take leaps ahead of where you are now.  Some of the support we have lined up to assist ... goes a little something like this:

Saturday Jan 4 - 1st organized hike of the hiking/snowshoe club
Week of Jan 6 - HELLth week - Prepare yourself!
Week of Jan 6 - NO Sugar Detox
Jan 10, 11, 12 - GPP Intensive Training Seminar
Jan 13 - GPP Kids Winter Series
Week of Jan 13 - GPP Reset Challenge (You didn't think you'd get off with just a sugar detox, did you?)
Week of Jan 13 - Abs Everyday Challenge
Week of Jan 20 - GPP Protein Challenge
Week of Jan 20 - 2 Mile-a-day Challenge
Week of Jan 27 - "2 Bursts" Challenge
Week of Jan 27 - GPP Standard Challenge

Details for challenges and activities will be announced Sunday eves on Monday's Daily Workout post.

All challenges are "opt in" meaning you volunteer participation publicly (to comments).  At GPP we've learned there is POWER in community.  It is primarily responsible for the results you see GPP-wide.  

If you ever wanted to get in shape in your life, this would be the month to do it.  If you know anyone who wants to get into shape - call them.  They can use this.  GPP programming and community are unlike anything you can find anywhere else on earth.  Both are proven profoundly efficient and effective for helping you obtain optimal health.  Please come join the fun. 

Also, check your local GPP facilities (OK, NWA & Syracuse) for January challenges and specials. 


GPP NWA continues to inspire. 

Congratulations Winnie Lynch - January GPP Power Peep



From OK-T

"What I think I look like doing slow count v-ups"
"What I actually look like doing slow count v-ups"