5 rounds for time:

250m row
10 KB snatch R 25/35
10 KB snatch L 25/35
20 pushups
20 squats

Post time to comments.   

Ab Challenge -

4 rounds of:

50 Superman back extensions
50 KB swings 25/35

The GPP KB Snatch   
Fixing Janetha's row
Alt for Rowing (each SS = 10m, bands are M/H)

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Was talking to someone the other day who knows Andy and hadn't seen him in a few months.  She goes, "I ran into him [at GPP] and almost didn't recognize him!  He must have dropped, like, 25-30 lbs!  He looks fantastic!" 

Yep, and he's got pretty damn good balance too!  (BTW - he's dropped over 40 lbs.)