Every minute on the minute for 25 minutes perform

7 burpees
5 pushups (strict)

Post "Rx" or reps completed to comments.

2 to go, friend.  You've come this far, there is no going back now! 

Take heart!  Legs are done.  We really aren't going back at them in any meaningful way for the rest of the week.  Booyah! 

At this point of HELLth week, we realize there are no inspirational words of consequence that will move you to finish this thing.   It's Friday.  Either you are in, or you are out.  If you are in, you are going to STAY in. 

Why?  We all have our purposes (whether realized, or not).

If you are out, all we can say is - GET BACK IN!  That, or you've already accomplished your purposes.  In which case, we congratulate you and say, "Nice work.  Carry on!"

For the rest of us struggling to get through the rest of this thing ... Below are a few thoughts we usually post on HELLth week that might help.  And one just for fun (actually we mean it - not really, but ..). 

The GPP Soreness Scale - Where do you rank this week?  Post thoughts to comments. 

Weight Gain from HELLth week?  Actually written for 2-a-days, but the principle is the same.  It'll explain a few things for some of you. 

Good Advice from Gator - by "Gatorguy" Pulled from comments 4/18/13 during HELLth week last spring.

Dirty Cheater - Relax, only about 95% of this was even supposed to be serious.

storm it ts.jpg

Another original HELLth week design by Damon Wallace at I3 Printing & Design.  The little devil in the middle (for HELLth) is surrounded by words that don't show up well here.  They read, "*Genuine GPP Fitness * Hellth Week Approved*"

Shirts go on sale Sunday 1/12/13 - for those who accomplish HELLth week, you may order them at our cost + shipping (if it applies).  More details to come.