4 rounds for time:

800 m run
20 pushups strict
15 pullups

Post time to comments.


You can tell the kids have been back to school for a couple of weeks once sore throats and sniffles start making their way back into the gym.  It is a cycle we go through every year around this time.  It's probably a good time to post this reminder:   The best way to keep from getting an infection (virus, or otherwise) is to PREVENT one.  The best prevention? 

Hand washing - with soap.   

While it is always a helpful idea to use antibacterial hand sanitizers, it is important to know that these have serious limitations.  They aren't as effective at preventing infections.  

If you do happen to get an infection, there may be things you can do to shorten the length, or intensity of the illness.  HERE is an interesting article on doing so. 

Should you workout when you are sick?  HERE are some thoughts.   



City Creakers with some push.