Warm-up -  3 sets of each.

1 min stab plank holds
10 bar pushups

Workout -  5 supersets of each.

8-12 reps of stab chest press AHAP
15-20 reps of stab chest flys AHAP

Post weights and reps used per set to comments. 


A range of reps indicates that you are to find a weight that will make you fail (with good form) to complete reps somewhere between that rep range.  So, if you were given a rep range of 8-12, you should find a weight that you can perform no less than 8 reps, but no more than 12. 

This assumes that you have been working out for long enough that performing reps to failure within a rep range will not hurt you.  It also assumes you know and use proper form.  


Be sure to look back at the last time we did this one to see how to progress.



If you're looking for more of a challenge (& less ripping) from your pullups - do them on the rings.  (Kim)