In supersets, or giant sets.  Move quickly between exercises: 

4 sets of 5 pullups
4 sets of 8 power cleans AHAP
4 sets of 10   OH DB press (strict) AHAP
1 mile run.

Post weights used and efficiency findings to comments. 


 How to do a Kipping Pullup
How to gain strength for doing Pullups


As the seasons change, so do we.  Well, our programming does.  HERE is an explanation why.

Fall is the time of year we shape bodies.  Although you won't see as much running and jumping, you'll still be huffing and puffing just as much.  We don't think it is necessary to pull back on the heavy breathing.  We just change the way you breath heavy.  All that running (typically 3-5 miles per week) through the spring and summer causes stress to your body.  That stress is cumulative.  You need a break from it during certain times of the year.  We'll reel back some of that running (more like, 1-3 miles per week) for the next several months.

Today, move quickly between exercises.  Not so quickly that they are done in rounds.  Just quickly enough that your HR becomes slightly elevated and stays that way. 


"Efficiency Findings?" - Describe for yourself (in comments) how you can progress through the rigors of this workout more effectively for use next time.



Doc Freestone doing some effective hip rehab.