3 rounds with perfect form:

800m run
10 BB biceps curls 45/65 (slow - 2 count up, 3 down)
15 high band curls M/H 
20 alt DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.

Post "Rx" or "scaled" to comments. 


"Perfect Form" is a subjective term.  We believe form is as form does.  

Today, we are looking to add some specific development to the front of your upper arm.  To do this most effectively, it is best to slow the movement down and isolate the biceps muscle.  Going back to olde time bodybuilding methods!  Fun stuff.  

"Wait, you guys still do body building?"  Yep.  When it suits our needs.  Bodybuilding methods are proven safe and effective.  Our methodology doesn't preclude us from using ANY protocol to achieve GPP principles.  



Candice (Right) demos a common KB fault.  See the bend in the wrists?  It's an indicator of a lift.  To do the swing correctly, all arm (and KB) movement should come from momentum generated by snapping the hips.  When done correctly, the KB will fly up trailing the arms behind.  Sarah's swing (Left) demos this well (although I'd like to see her head up and maybe not so much height on the KB, but that's just me being picky). Arm swing is incidental to the force generated by the hips.  It is not the point of the movement.  If you notice yourself bending at the wrists while doing KB swings, try to correct it by thinking about SWINGING the bell to the top, vs lifting it up.