300 backwards jump ropes

3 rounds of:
10 TGU (R) 25/45 use barbell
10 TGU (L) 25/45 use barbell

5 minutes of:
stability ball balance drill (knees on)
stability ball balance drill (seated)

Post consecutive backwards jump ropes, thoughts on improving your TGU and consecutive minutes on stability ball balance drills to comments.


Many of you have become very accustomed to the Stability Ball Drills.  So much that balancing on the ball has become less of a challenge for you.  If you find this is the case, consider using a single DB 15/20 to challenge your core to a higher degree today.   

To get the most out of your DB, shift it from one side to the other - constantly.  Begin each move with the weight touching the ball to your R side in your R hand.  Take it up over the top of your head (full extension of the elbow please) handing it to your L hand.  Lower it to your left side and touch it to the ball.  Take it up and over again, switching to your R hand.  When it touches the ball again to your R - that is ONE.     

Be very careful with this move.  That little weight will throw you around a bit while you are adjusting to it.  Tiny movements become BIG in a hurry.  Be sure to clear your blood circle of objects that could injure you if you fall off the ball.  Also, REMEMBER the principle of the bail!   

If things get sketchy - BAIL!  Chuck the weight clear of you and the ball and try to recover.  Wrestling that weight for even an instant more than you should could land you both onto the ground HARD!


If you drive to the gym today and surmise it is closed due to an empty parking lot - COME IN!  The Landlord is working on the parking lot.  It will be closed all day, but the gym is open.  You'll just have to park in front of the old Joanne's.  We'll be back to normal tomorrow.



Kelli tries DUs.