We've got something special cooked up this year for the final Rx+ workout.  We determined that the 4 events we did last year weren't altogether practical.  Some of us got to do them all.  Others of us didn't.  It didn't seem fair that some had to lose their Rx+ due to the fact that they couldn't make it to the 2 1/2 hour finale last year.  But that's what happened in some cases.  This year, we'll make it more simple - note we didn't say "easy."  Should be able to do this one just about anywhere (might have to get a bit creative with those Aussies - send pics).  Here is how it goes: 

AMRAP in 60 min -

1 mile run
50 lunge steps (R+L=2)
50 v-ups
50 Aussie pullups
50 burpees

Post rounds completed to comments.   


For those coming to HQ - You may come and go at will today.  Times are as usual.  We'll open at 0630 and stay open until 9:45, but since the workouts go 60 min there are no formal start times.  GPP trainers will be there at all times to instruct and help if anyone needs it.  We'll reset the clock every hour.  It's probably best to bring your own timing device (phone, watch, etc.).


Note: as long as you complete this workout (and any workouts you've missed) by midnight tonight (remember you must post that you did so) you have completed Rx+ week successfully!  Congratulations!  You have accomplished an uncommonly monumental task!  Very few are willing, or able to push themselves physically (or otherwise) for reasons of increased health.  We hope you'll take this time to reflect upon your reasons for doing so and write them down.  Hopefully you'll take the time to reflect upon these written reasons over the coming months and years.  When you do, we hope this will reinforce even greater health in your life in years to come.    


We now have the ability to process orders for Rx+ shirts online.  It is really the only way we have of doing it now.  If you MUST order by check, or cash please contact Amy@gppfitness.com and she will try and accommodate you.  Thank you.   



Just a few of us and our closest friends storming some ladders together on a Thursday eve!