3 rounds for time:

500m row
25 KB swings 25/35
400m run
25 press Jacks 15/20 ea.

Post time to comments.


Announcing Saturday Open Gym hour.  (HQ only) 

Actually, it's not even a whole hour, but it is something we want to try.  On Saturday mornings from 8am - 8:45am we are opening the HQ gym to veteran members who want to catch up on a programmed workout they may have missed throughout the week.

We will do this as an experiment throughout the month of September ONLY.  If it catches on, we'll keep it and maybe expand it to other times throughout the week.  If not, or if it somehow becomes a nightmare to manage, it'll simply fade away into a quiet memory.  Ha!

We realize that a couple of you might not have gotten a chance to storm all 5 programmed workouts throughout the week.  That you might want to make it up on Saturday.   Or, that you might want to extra gym time to work on things of your own.  If this is so, come down and storm it!  Before you do, there are some things you need to be aware of:   

1 - You are mainly on your own here.  This time is intended to be used by Vets of the GPP methodology.  It'd be an unreasonable request to expect a trainer to be able to serve the needs of multiple people, with multiple needs, storming multiple workouts at once.  There will be a staff trainer on hand to serve you where he/she can, but if you are a stone cold Rookie who is literally in the dark on how to get through a certain workout, or perform a certain movement, please wait for a regularly scheduled GPP class time.  Our trainers and Vets can better serve you there. 

2 - You might need your own clock app.  Clock settings are available to you on a first come, first served basis.  If everyone happens to need the same clock settings and can agree to start at exactly the same time - you're golden.  If you have different needs than the guy who got there before you - you are on your own. 

3 - Equipment is limited.  If you need a certain piece of equipment and it is occupied by another, whoever was there first gets the nod.  Hopefully, we can find a way to share stuff, but there must be a precedent.  So, that will be it. 

4 - You must have the workout stormed and over, with your equipment put away before the start of the 8:45 class.   

Those are all the caveats we can think of, for now.  If you have questions, please leave them to comments so we can address them publicly, if needed.  If you have individual needs write to us.   



GPP HQ will be closed Monday, Sept 2 in observance of Labor Day.  We hope you have a great and active holiday. 



If you were walking by, this is how you'd know it was pullup day.