Perform 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest for 5 rounds each (10 total Tabatas).  The following exercises are to be done in superset fashion (you will go from exercise 1, directly to exercise 2, then back to 1.  Repeat this sequence until you've completed all 5 rounds.  Then go to the next pair of exercises.)

Supersets are:

clapping pushups
OH triceps ext 15/20

v-twists 6/10

Aussie pullups
BB biceps curls 25/45

squats (air)
box jumps switches

Post reps completed per exercise to comments.


Everyone is entitled to their interpretations of the GPP experience.  In fact, making the workouts, movements and the community your own, is the ONLY way GPP will work for you.  

Many times, we (the trainers) have been cornered by a well-meaning GPPeep and asked,

"Why do you let that person do it wrong?"  

It is a good question.  We love that you would care.  It is healthy that you would care.  It is often helpful, too.  That you might notice variants in workouts, or movement patterns is a HUGE compliment to our methodology.  

The answer to this question is not complicated.  "Wrong" is a matter of perspective.  Truth is, most of the time, the client who is doing a movement "wrong" is doing their best interpretation of that movement.  This interpretation is part and parcel to the process of mastery.

It is THAT simple.  

Most folks are doing their best version of what they are taught.  It is entirely false thinking to imagine that a person might understand and perform all of the intricacies of ANY movement (complex or otherwise) the first time they perform a movement. It is also poor thinking to imagine anyone would master ALL of the intricacies of ANY movement.  EVER.  

Human movement patterns are extremely complex.  They are influenced by many different factors (fatigue, understanding, experience, load, etc.).  That a person might have a movement mastered in ONE circumstance, does not predict mastery of that SAME movement in another.  

At GPP, we believe experience is the most important part in the process of learning, understanding and performing movements.  (see also - "The Fallacy of: Practice Makes Permanent.")   


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A t-shirt can sometimes say it all ... (Tony L.)