4 rounds for time:

30 V-ups
30 KB swings 25/35
800m run

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Kettlebell swings and V-ups are a cool combination.  Kettlebell swings primarily challenge the muscles of the posterior chain (muscles that move you from the back) and V-ups primarily challenge the muscles of the anterior chain (front).   In terms of balancing attributes of health/fitness, it is hard to beat this combination. 

But it doesn't stop there.   

Both of these movements require a higher degree of balance, accuracy and skill than other movements.  This challenges your supporting musculature, nervous system and connective tissue to a much higher degree.   Storming through these movements with intensity will spike your HR more than normal.  The added challenge of having to run (800m) through this spike and return to HR normal adds increased fitness benefit to your cardiovascular system.   



Michelle gets her Rx+