3 rounds.  Not timed.  Try to string together all reps of each exercise - no break sets 

25 box jumps
5 pullups
25 OH DB strict press 15/20 ea.
5 pullups
25 back squats 45/65
5 pullups
25 OH triceps ext. 15/25
5 pullups
25 situps

Post # of break sets and where they occurred to comments. 


We now have the ability to process orders for Rx+ shirts online.  If you MUST order by check, or cash please contact  Amy@gppfitness.com  and she will try and accommodate you.  Thank you.


Last week was rough.  We know you are haggard.  Your instincts are to get some much needed rest and let your body recover.   

Not the best idea right now.  

Right now is the time your body wants to know what is next.  So, RIGHT NOW is the best time to give it cues for what you want it to do.  If you went through any part of Rx+ week, you are set up to give it cues that will perpetuate lasting change.

This means showing up and storming workouts.  It also means continuing with some good clean eating.

If you sit back, take a few days off and recuperate, you are giving your body signals that last week was just a fluke and that you plan on slipping back into your old ways soon.    

It'll take those signals as reasons to not spend energy on improving health, fitness, and/or appearance.  Remember, it'd rather not (spend the energy).  It likes where you are (that's why you fight it).   

Right now you have the upper hand.  You've earned that with a lot of extra work.  You don't need to work that hard anymore because you've got momentum built up toward your goal.  But you have to ride that momentum.   




Perfect mid-position for a Plank Snatch.  Legs wide, hips uneven, shoulders stacked, both elbows extended, weight driven directly above supporting hand.  Nice Alex!