4 rounds on trainer's count:

20 unilateral DB curls (R) 15/20
20 unilateral DB OH press (R) 15/20
10 dippy birds (R) 15/20

repeat for (L) - that's once! 

Post Rx or reps missed to comments.

Dippy Birds is a unique workout which will yield unique benefits to your core.  More so if you challenge it to a greater degree by standing on one leg only during the exercises.   

It is best if you stand on the opposite leg of the arm doing the work.  So, if you are doing over head presses with the right arm, do them while standing on your L foot if you can.  We love this for the cross-sectional strengthening effect it contributes to your core.  Remember to switch legs when you exercise the opposite arm.   


When are you considered a GPP Vet?  We think it'd be different for everyone, but the video below illustrates a couple of good guidelines.