Warm-up - 3 rounds of:

250m row (arms only) 

Workout -  

3 sets each of: 

5 BB bent rows AHAP
8 chin-ups
chin holds (for time)

Rest 2 1/2 -5 minutes between sets. 

Post time of rows and chin holds, weight of bent row, number of chin-ups you performed in strings to comments.

Chin Holds - Jump, or pull your chin to above the bar.  Hold that position for as long as you are able.  You may rest your chin on the bar, but do not use chin to do work as this could injure your neck.  Time the event.  Time stops once chin falls below bar.  Record the time.   

Progression to a Chinup

Tip - Whenever a workout doesn't specify how to progress through exercises (i.e. rounds, super sets, giant sets, etc.), it is entirely up to you to determine your preferences for completing a workout.  Using straight sets, giant sets, rounds, or etc. won't change the intended effect of the workout.  

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Michelle illustrates what might be a valuable lesson here.  Many would have taken the important phone call and simply skipped the workout.