With a loaded barbell AHAP complete 5 rounds of:

dead lifts
power cleans
back squats
push press

1 - Once you lift the bar you may not put it down until the entire 25 rep complex is completed.
2 - You may rest as needed between each complex.

Complete any ONE of the following:

1 mile run
1 mile row (1600 m)
1000 rope jumps  

Post highest weight used and time of activity chosen to comments.

The hardest part about this workout is choosing the right weight to storm a complex with.  If you've done it before, click HERE and check out the weights you used the last time we did this workout.  That should get you in the hunt.  If you haven't done this in a while (or, ever) here are some thoughts on how this workout should feel. 

1.  HARD!  Seriously.  When done correctly (if you can safely do so), it should take all the strength, endurance and focus you have to finish all 25 reps.   

2.  You should be completely out of breath!  Watch the vets perform this workout.  Those who are getting the most out of it, will be gasping for breath toward the end of a set. 

3.  It is a confusing workout.  The argument always becomes, "Should we storm hard through all 25 reps making a steaming pile of quivering goo of ourselves at the end of a complex?  Or, should we instead take our time through the reps and try to endure the searing pain of trying to hold onto the bar while we contuse our softer tissues and concuss our bonier ones?"  Always a conundrum.   

In any case, go for it today vets.  Cruising this workouts yields very little in terms of benefit.  If you get to the 4th round and aren't filled with dread, you've probably been doing something wrong.  Please consult a trainer, or a vet.  :). 

Rookies you are to ignore all of this and simply focus on getting the form down.  There is much benefit in that for you. 

bryce canyon half.jpg

This was Matt's first Half Marathon (Bryce Canyon) and my (Wendy) 3rd.  When we started GPP a little over a year ago, I could barely run an 11 min mile.  I completed this half with a 9 min/mile average!