For time:

1 mile run 
50 pullups 
75 pushups 
150 squats

- Post time to comments. 
- The mile MUST be run (entirely) at the beginning. 
- You may partition pullups, pushups & squats.
- Our "SuperFits" can do this workout in under 20 min.

Fitzoner is one of our benchmark workouts.  It is reasonable to consider that you would measure a portion of your health and fitness against your progress within this workout.

Grand opening today at GPP NWA!  There will be ribbon cuttings, door prizes, GPP shirts, tours, give-aways, PLUS fitness, swimming & biking demos.  Please stop in and check them out!  (virtually would also be appreciated!)

 Upcoming Event - Mueller Park Trail run.  Tuesday, July 2 @ 7pm


We believe the only reason to accumulate amazing fitness an function is to USE it!  Pics above are peeps putting their fitness to use to enhance their lives.  We applaud this.  Do you have a pic of yourself using your fitness?  Please send to