3 rounds with perfect form:

800m run
10 BB biceps curls 45/65 (slow - 2 count up, 3 down)
15 high band curls M/H 
20 alt DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.

Post "Rx" or "scaled" to comments. 

"Perfect Form" is a subjective term.  We believe form is as form does.  

Today, we are looking to add some specific development to the front of your upper arm.  To do this most effectively, it is best to slow the movement down and isolate the biceps muscle.  Going back to olde time bodybuilding methods!  Fun stuff.  

"Wait, you guys still do body building?"  Yep.  When it suits our needs.  Bodybuilding methods are proven safe and effective.  Our methodology doesn't preclude us from using ANY protocol to achieve GPP principles.   


GPP believes that exercise exists mainly to serve our purposes OUTSIDE of the gym.  It prepares us to live richer, fuller lives.  Lives not limited by capacity and/or self induced disease.      

It inspires us when people challenge themselves physically.  Not because a physical challenge in and of itself has meaning.  More because we realize that when we challenge ourselves physically - really challenge ourselves - we may discover a more limitless potential.  It is THIS that adds meaning, and power, and progression to our lives.    

Last weekend a group of Peeps undertook the arduous, yet beautiful Grand Canyon Rim to Rim trail.  It is 26 mile, 4 day trip, gaining and losing over 10K feet in elevation.  They did it in one day!  



We've been asking that very question.  We've been struck by their answers.   

A couple of them said that they did it to share a unique experience with friends and family.  Others said they wanted to challenge themselves.  One even stated that if she didn't have a goal as challenging as this one was, she wasn't sure if she would have stuck with her diet and exercise along the way building up to this event.   


One Peep was excited about seeing this incredible part of the country.  Another said she wanted to overcome certain fears and self-doubts she had.  One said simply, " I did it because I knew that I could."  Another said, "I wanted to see if I was able."    

It is not hard to identify with all of these reasons.  Harder still not to see the health in it. 

Congratulations to all who undertook this amazing challenge.  Thank you for sharing it with us all.   


A few of our Peeps (and Peeps of Peeps) - Wendy, Janalee, Lisa, Madi, Molly, Kenz, Candice, Katie, Sid, Ash, Deawn.  Not pictured - Melissa, Tara, Amanda, Pam, Galina, Alison, Julie, Jenna, Emily, & Karla. 

Do you have any physically challenging events coming up in your life?  What would you choose to do if you could arrange it?