Warm up - 

800m run


5 sets of:
shoulders to OH AHAP + 15 steps (frontward and backwards) OH carry

5 sets of:
deadlifts AHAP + 15 steps (frontward & backwards) above knee carry 

Post highest weight achieved per set to comments.

Looking at the comments from the last time we did this one, we noticed a lot of folks saying they wish they'd have gone heavier.  Vets take heed.  

Also, consider leaving your bar-ends off today.  It will add a higher degree of skill to this workout if you have to walk so carefully that your weights won't fall off.  Be sure to clear your blood circle, though.  

Blood Circle - Also known as a safety circle.  It is the area within the radius of your extended arm plus a 4' blade (think Samurai sword) extending from your hand.  Anything/anyone within that area is susceptible to injury if the blade touches them.  At GPP the "Blood Circle" is within the area where someone may become injured if a weight is dropped. 

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The City Creek Crew storms hard!