Complete as many exercises as possible (& their corresponding weights and reps) in the given time allotted for each round. Begin at the top of the list of exercises at the start of each round.   

round ONE - 3 minutes
rest 60 sec.
round TWO - 4 minutes
rest 90 sec.
round THREE - 5 minutes
rest 120 sec.
round FOUR - complete all

Exercises are:

200 m run
20 kb swings 25/35
20 squats 
20 burpees
20 lunge steps (1+1=2) 
20 OH db presses 15/20 ea.
20 KB high sumo 35/54
20 triceps narrow pushups
20 situps
20 DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.

Post how far you got through each round to comments.  

"How strong do you have to be?"

I was taken aback by this question from Tatiana the other day.  It was the first time I've heard it outside of my own head.  It is a poignant question, that we wish more people in the world would consider.  

One one hand, there are the folks with very little strength.  As the sign says so pointedly, "Those with no strength have none to give."  Many imagine that physical strength isn't as valuable.  That other types of strength (emotional, spiritual, financial, social) can be given in lieu of the physical.  They might be right.  We have seen other types of strength given to those in need which are extremely valuable and helpful, but this type of help is limited.  Every person on earth will, at certain times, be in need of an actual helping hand.  These times often require a valiant, if not life saving physical effort on the part of a helper.  These are the times where no amount of good intent, prayer, or earnest spending will suffice.  Have you the strength to give during these times?  

On the other hand, there are folks who are endlessly prepping and preening for times that will never come.  Those who are literally wasting good time, effort and intention to focus on things that are yet to happen to them, or that have yet to happen to anyone.  These people strive for a physicality that seems to have no actual purpose.  

Is the man who can lift 500 lbs from the ground really any better off in this world than he who can lift 300?  Do you remember the last time you were called upon to lift 300 lbs from the ground during the course of daily life?  If so (and you couldn't), wouldn't you find a way to get it done?  Why then would someone spend the massive amount of time, energy and intention required to create the capacity to lift 500 lbs?  It seems here that this type of great strength can be a hindrance.    

GPP thinks it is unwise to pursue strength that doesn't completely help anyone, or yourself.  Instead, a good balance of the two types spoken of here is the key.  Which brings us back to the original question.  How strong do YOU have to be?  

Alison Doddsafterafter.jpg

On the L is Alison "after" astonishing progress with us several years ago.  On the R is her after, "after."  Outstanding work!