Complete 3 rounds before moving on.

5 strict chin-ups
20 BB biceps curls 45/65
400 m run

then, complete 3 rounds of: 

10 BB skull crushers 45/65
20 chair dips
400 m run

Post form thoughts to comments. 

We know what you are thinking, "More biceps and triceps today!?" 

The thing is, what we did yesterday, wasn't about your arms.  It was about your core.  We were using your arms to illicit a specific stimulus from your core.  Those movements we did on the ball were literally the only way to make your body move like that (outside of daily activities, or sports).  It is a point that seems lost on the greater exercising world.  Worse, it is a point that seems lost on fitness professionals (fiterati).

For some reason the fiterati seem content to only work your core in right angles (forward, back, side to side, twist), yet we humans naturally use multi-angular combinations of these movements AT ONCE! 

Does it seem conflicting that most trainers don't prepare your body in the gym the way you'd use it in the real world?   


Brit + 1 inspires!