4 rounds OTC (biceps)

10 uni stability biceps curls R 15/20
10 uni stability biceps curls L 15/20 
10 stability cross body curls R 15/20
10 stability cross body curls L 15/20 
45 sec rest

4 rounds OTC (shoulders)

10 uni stability OH press R 15/20
10 uni stability OH press R 15/20
10 stab front raise 15/20
45 sec rest

4 rounds OTC (triceps)

10 stab skull crushers R 15/20
10 stab skull crushers L 15/20
10 stab ball pushups

4 rounds OTC (abs)

20 weighted stability ball situps (FE) 15/20
10 plank tocks (R+L=1)
45 sec rest

Post Rx and notes to self to comments.

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