Perform 2 rounds.

Complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds "rest" of:

pushups  - "rest" in the pushup start position (piking acceptable)
400m run
situps - "rest" with 6" leg hold
400m run
BTB squats - "rest" in the squat position 
400m run

Post reps completed for each exercise to comments.

Looking to add a little more running to your regimen?  Would you like to see more of the local trails and sights (i.e. "use your fitness")?  Why not combine the two and come out and run some trails with us?   

GPP is kicking off its summer endurance series again.  This is where we all meet at HQ at an agreed upon time/place and storm a trail run together.  All trail runs are "out & back," so anyone, at any fitness level, can join in and go at their own pace.   

First up, Mueller Park Trail.  Just to Elephant Rock and back.  It's a 7 mile jaunt, which gains slightly over 1900 ft. in elevation (if you make it to the rock).  It is an intermediate level trail through some of the most beautiful, single track terrain anywhere. 

We meet tonight at 5:30 pm at GPPHQ.  The trailhead is less than 10 min. from the gym.  Just show up if you want to go.  It is open to all comers.  Be sure to dress for active summer (hot) conditions and bring plenty of water.  It'll take a couple of hours if you run the whole thing. 

Be looking for MANY more endurance events to come.  Exciting things planned (MTN biking, cycling, hiking, running, etc.).  For more info on upcoming events email  We'll get you on the upcoming events list.  Or simply watch the site (we'll do better at giving more notice) for the next scheduled event.


"But did he get 20?"  

Yep, Steve did!