Warm-up -

5 min  Swiss Ball Balance Drill (seated)
5 min Swiss Ball Balance Drill (knees on)

Workout -

5 sets of each: 

20 plyo box jumps 15"
20 box jumps AHiAP
20 weighted situps AHAP

Post consecutive plyo jumps, height of box jumps & weight used for situps to comments.   

Plyo Box Jumps are much different from our standard box jump.  To get the plyometric effect, you have to strive for a pre-stretch response.  The pre-stretch response is the automatic guarding (or, reflex) action of connective tissues once rapid force is applied.  If you can learn to time your jump with the pre-stretch response (that shakiness in Janetha's heel) you'll become more powerful.  More power gives a person the ability to jump higher, run faster and be more athletic.   

For AHAP Weighted Situps:

  • You MAY lift your legs to complete the lift. 
  • You MUST remain in control of the movement at all times. 
  • Complete the move by sitting straight up with arms extended above head, bar perfectly above mid-line. 

Lisa demos the most efficient way to determine your AHiAP Box Jump.  Don't over-think this.  Start lower than you normally would.  Remember, there are 20 today.  Save some energy for the end. 

BTW - I cut it off early, but she got those jumps with 4 plates!  STRONG work Lisa.   


"Invictus."  Do you see it?  (Sunny)