Complete 10 rounds of the following:

In 2 minutes you are to sprint 200m plus do as many burpees as possible.  
Rest precisely 1 min. 

Post burpees completed from each round to comments.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on THIS video, or on THIS article.    

GPPeeps are among the healthiest folk on earth.  Surely, there are none among us who think over-consuming sugary soft drinks is good for health.  Then again, what food on earth will not harm you if consumed to excess?   

We are encouraged by those taking action and deliberate steps to be a solution to the worsening public health problem.  We applaud them for their efforts.  But then, become discouraged when these steps begin to exclude personal accountability as part of the solution.  

One thing we know is, answers lie within community.  Like-minded individuals moving forward together, unified in thoughts and intentions (increased public health) will generally produce ideas which will supersede (in merit) those of a singular mind.  So, if you have a mind to, please share your respectful thoughts.  All are welcomed here.     

Did you see THIS?  Those NWA folks are killing it!

We think we fixed it so you can post from your smartphones again.  Mike J. supposed it was due to the scrolling "success stories" pics that your phone has been "timing out" before you could post.  We pulled the scrolling pics down and he was right, it works!  It ain't perfect yet (apparently, there are still a few glitches in the SquareSpace system), but you should be able to post now.  We hope.  

TOKOKTOTHJWTHSBTHSTPOB - Apparently, Joanna knows squat!

TOKOKTOTHJWTHSBTHSTPOB - Apparently, Joanna knows squat!