5 rounds for time:

25 SAS (R) 25/35
25 plate switches (R+L=1)
25 SAS (L) 25/35
25 press jacks 15/20
25 situps

Post time to comments.

 "Dear GPP, It seems like, from my limited perspective, your workouts are generally more catered to those who want to build strength but also lose weight/inches. Would you recommend occasionally or even consistently modifying your workouts to, say, do fewer reps with heavier weight for those who are looking to *add* weight/inches? Forgive the anonymity. Perhaps this is something you could comment on in a general post after a wotd? Thanks."

Anonymous - Our workouts are catered to helping the user attain one thing - Optimal Health.  Our programming is unique in that it prepares folks (in general) for the physical demands of daily life.  Those who follow our programming consistently become stronger in every way.  They also become leaner.  This is especially true of those who pair our daily workouts (thanks for not calling it a WOD - it is somebody else's thing) with intuitional eating based on smart choices made for their specific body types.   

The thing is, there are ways of manipulating GPP protocol to serve other needs (i.e. gaining muscle, training for sports, etc.)  We've learned that our programming serves as an amazing base for more specific pursuits.  Using your GPP to springboard into other fitness realms is, generally, a faster, more healthy way to get there.  Write to us, if you like.  We'd be happy to send you our shaping bias protocol.  Thanks for the Q.    

It is funny.  All over the world, frail little females are asking bag boys at grocery stores to help them load 50lb bags of dog food from their shopping carts into their cars ...  

Step into GPP and you'll see little females taking 50lbs+ overhead FOR REPS!  

Yep, all 3 of these little ladies were repping that 55lbs!  From L-R (Chelsea, Katie, Lindsay - under bar)