4 rounds for time:

20 bail loaders 10/25
20 creek jumps (R+L=1)
20 tractor steers 10/25 (R+L=1)
10 uni barn raises R 15/20 ea.
10 uni barn raises L 15/20 ea.
400m farmer carry 10/25 ea.

Post time to comments.  
Workout courtesy GPP NWA. 

Somebody asked the other day, "Is GPP competitive?"

I think Patricia Shaller answered it best with her words in the comments yesterday.   

" ... GPP is teaching me that workouts (and life) aren't about being perfect. Just do the best you can - don't waste energy on things out of your control and set goals for yourself to feel just as good, if not better, tomorrow, as you were today ..."

Beautifully said Patty.  Thank you.

Nikki & Kenz takin it up a notch!

Nikki & Kenz takin it up a notch!