With  a deck of Pinochle cards perform exercises as drawn for each of the following:

Hearts = Push-ups
Diamonds = Sit ups
Clubs = Squats
Spades = Burpees

Numbered cards are done for reps as numbered 
Face cards are 10 reps 
Aces are 15 reps
Jokers = 400m run

As soon as 1/2 the class is done with the card - we move on!
Rx is awarded to those who do all reps

GPP will be holding 1 class only today.  Please come join us for this workout at 8am.  Happy Memorial Day.

The history of Memorial Day

In Flanders Fields - by John McCrae 1915

We Shall Keep the Faith - by Moina Michael
(It is where the idea to wear a red poppy on Memorial Day comes from)

Photo Credit - Els Manning

Photo Credit - Els Manning