20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11 reps per round for time:

High Sumo 65/45
Box Jumps

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Was browsing the archives from a couple years ago (nope, I got nothing better to do) and stumbled across this.  Brilliant.  -N

More Ways to Know You GPP
by Russ Lindberg

- You know what a sweat angel is, and have made one.
- You've used a whole tube of super glue reattaching pieces of skin to your hands.
- Your family knows not to touch your legs the 2nd day after Thrust-o-rama.
- When you walk down the stairs the 2nd day after TOR, it is similar to falling down the stairs.
- You can say you do burpees, and not giggle.
- You've demo'd a Turkish Getup with your offspring. 
-You know what a Turkish Getup actually is.
-You've done Turkish Getups in a hotel gym.
-You've demo'd a Turkish Getup to your coworkers.
-Your 11 year-old son "thinks the workout will be Prisoner Burpees". You debate this for several minutes.
-You dream of doing a "Butterfly Kip".
-You secretly laugh at people at the hotel gym who are reading the paper while doing the elliptical. 
- You wish you had kettlebells at home.
- You dream of being like "Freestone" or "Rob H" or "Kerry."
- When you see a fellow GPP in public you feel a secret, deep bond. A brotherhood of sorts.
- You dread jokers and face cards.
- You workout at the old 3D video store and it is better than any gym you've ever been to.
- You are ok doing Ragnar, Tris and lotoja with minimal (sometimes no) sport specific training.
- You know what the floor smells like.
- You know what the ceiling looks like. 
- You can go to a "well equipped" hotel gym and get an amazing workout having not touched any of the equipment. 
- You no longer care about bench press, rather you have very specific Turkish Getup goals.
- You dread a workout called the Waterbreaker as it actually might break your water, and you're male.

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After further consideration (and more than a little prodding) we have decided to run 1 workout on Memorial Day.  We will be open at 8am for 1 single workout (HTD Pinochle Edition).  Hope to see you there.  Otherwise, please have a safe and happy holiday.  

Holly, Karla, Angie & Azure know OHSQ!

Holly, Karla, Angie & Azure know OHSQ!