2 rounds for time:

35 deadlift 95/135
35 Aussie pullups
35 uni KB snatch (R) 25/35
35 uni KB snatch (L) 25/35
35 double unders (3:1 sub for no DU)
35 pushups
350m row

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Corporate fitness is evolving.  Years ago, it was thought that corporate fitness/wellness was going to take over the world.  Books were written about how initiation of wellness (fitness/health) programs in the corporate environment ould encourage healthier, happier employees.  It was supposed that these healthier, happier employees would then go on to make a corporation more money by being more productive and creative.  It was also supposed that money saved per healthier employee was going to reduce health care costs to a company.       

It was a great concept.  True in every way, but it fell on its face.  

Problem was, most companies are incredible at delivering their widgets and/or services, but not so good at figuring out how to help employees become healthier.  Why would they?  They've spent years creating their products/services.  Learning a new industry (health and fitness) only takes away from what has made them successful.  So, they had to hire this done.  The folks they hired to get this done, it turns out, were better at making presentations about how to improve the health of employees than they were at actually delivering health to anyone.  The best ideas they could come up with were silly.  They looked like THIS and THIS.   If you've ever gained benefit from a workout, you know that kind of thing really doesn't cut it.  

There is a new breed of business owner.  One more savvy. One that realizes toe/heel lifts at a computer will do little to nothing for improving the health of their employees. That spending money on ways of the past (see above) hurts everyone.  

Companies like Xi3 are leading the way on this (see pic below - all but 1 are Xi3 employees). Their visionary managers (thanks Jase & JR) are finding comprehensive ways of using GPP to improve all aspects of employee health, fitness and productivity.  It is real stuff and the team building aspect is amazing.  Many in the pic below ran Red Rock Relay in Moab last weekend.  That's 70 miles as a team!  Congrats to them!  Strong work!  To bring GPP to your biz please write to admin@gppfitness.com.    

Wk 19 (Additional weekly challenges are designed to help you patch holes in your fitness, nutrition & health – if you have them.  The weekly challenges are issued (by email) only to those who request them.  They are subscription based ($45/year).  If you'd like to receive them, please notify us by sending your email HERE. )

Physical - Run an easy mile (7 out of 10 RPE) every day after each workout.  RPE = Rating of Perceived Exertion.  

Nutritional - Green Drinks are supposed to be very good for you.  They are nutritious and packed full of vitamins and minerals.  Lots of fiber too.  But most are terrible tasting.  

Your nutritional challenge this week is to drink 1 green drink per day.  Create, or find a good green drink recipe, make it and share it with the rest of us.  Maybe you have no interest in building your own.  No prob.  Buy one.  If you find a good Green Drink to buy, please post it, and its contents to comments.  

Lifestyle - GPP believes the ONLY good reason to exercise and eat right is to create and live life that is not limited by capacity and/or self-induced disease.  We understand that Optimal Health is the pursuit.  

Optimal Health is created through balancing the 6 aspects of health.  These are:

1. Mental
2. Emotional
3. Social
4. Spiritual
5. Financial
6. Physical

Your assignment this week is create 1 WRITTEN goal for achieving balance in each of the 6 aspects of health.  (Example for PHYSICAL:  I will workout 5 times following GPP protocol weekly). If you are feeling brave, please write them to comments.  It can cement your commitment to them.  If not, simply write them where you'll see them daily.  I did this once and taped mine to the bathroom mirror.  They remained for months.   

Xi3   is an amazing computer company.  They are re-inventing the way we think about computers.  They are also re-inventing corporate fitness/wellness.  

Xi3 is an amazing computer company.  They are re-inventing the way we think about computers.  They are also re-inventing corporate fitness/wellness.