6 rounds for time:

200m run

20 pushups

20 OH DB press (strict) 15/20 ea.

20 DB skull crushers 15/20 ea.

250m row 

Post time to comments.


Sub :45s band sprint for run if weather turns bad.


Today during the second block of our nearly 8 hour (1st day of 3) we had the opportunity to discuss ideas about obtaining "Optimal Health."  

One of these ideas bore repeating.  It is the thought of fitness having an "Advanced Directive."  In other words, having a higher meaning, or cause than just what those who sell it are peddling.  

Those who try to sell you fitness do so at the expense of your self-confidence (mostly).  They tell you that beauty and body are most important.  That any who do not possess low body fat %, and sleek muscles are lacking and wanting.  That any who are different from the "ideal" are worthless, or of little value.  

But, GPP believes fitness has a higher cause.  An "advanced directive," if you will.  Its' meaning and value is to serve your well intentioned causes and bring to you (and your loved ones) a higher quality of life.  Low body fat % and sleek muscles (while an often wonderful bonus of our methods) only have value OUTSIDE of that which is truly important.  

It was a wonderful discussion.  Something I've written down and intend to share more of.  WE are learning a lot from our Peeps here in Arkansas.  More than anything, we continue to learn that no matter where you go, people value that which is healthy about their exercise experience - and (really) only that.  



Nice form NWA!