For time:

50 walking lunges (R+L=1)
400m unilateral running biceps curl R 15/20
400m unilateral running biceps curl L 15/20
400m running OH triceps ext  15/20
400m unilateral running OH press R 15/20
400m unilateral running OH press L 15/20
50 tick tocks R 15/20 - 200m R side bucket carry 15/20
50 tick tocks L 15/20 - 200m L side bucket carry 15/20

Post time to comments.

The secret to doing those running OH triceps extensions is to keep them away from your head and spine.  Slow down the movement and the run and you won't whack yourself.  

From the blond-ish runner in comments - Thanks blondish:

"I just wanted to post a thought I had today. Tommy had signed up for a metric century ride and then had to have knee surgery this week. Almost as a joke on Tuesday, he suggested that I take his spot for the race today. Aside from two triathlons two summers ago, I have never done an actual bike race and the longest I've ever ridden is 20 miles. I dusted off my bike (I've only ridden it once in the last 18 months) and off I went to ride 62 miles. I ended up having an incredible day and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Aside from needing a bike fitting to alleviate some back pain, I felt strong the entire time. Just a few hours later and my legs feel fresh (in fact, this nice weather is calling me to go out for a run!). During the time that I have been doing GPP, I have had the opportunity to participate in some amazing experiences. Most of these are things that weren't even in my scope of what's possible for myself just 3 years ago. And the best part about it is that with such inefficient time needed to train for most of these races and adventures, I have still managed to be able to pull them off simply by keeping up my daily GPP. Literally, I just biked 62 miles (and beat 2 of the 4 men that I biked with - woot) on no bike training and feel like I could do it again tomorrow. I love the mindset that comes with optimal health. Things that would have seemed miserable and daunting now seem adventurous and conquerable. I have found very few "highs" spiritually, mentally and emotionally that can beat how I feel when I am breaking my own barriers like I did today. I wouldn't have had the opportunity if I didn't have the confidence that my body could have handled it. Our bodies are capable of the most amazing things when we take care of them and remove our mental limitations. I get so excited about life when I realize what is possible when fear is removed. Thanks ... GPP for contributing to my possibilities."

Challenges Wk 16

Physical - Perform a 4 min cardio Tabata (8 rounds of, 20 sec "on" 10 sec "off") daily.  Choose from any of the following activities: single unders, double unders, box jumps, burpees, cycling sprints, hill sprints, rowing, band sprints, hill climbers, inchworms. Post Tabata performed to comments.

Nutritional - Investigate the tenants of each of the following nutritional programs: Burst Cycle Dieting, USRDA, Volumetrics, Atkins, Zone, Paleo, Mediterranean, Medifast.  Understand the basic origins, philosophies and principles of each.  Report what you have discovered here to comments - in a supportive manner.  We try not to be that group who rips on other people.    

Lifestyle - Drink 16 oz of water within 20 mins of waking.  Nope, not a nutritional recommendation (not entirely).  Hoping to pull some of us away from sticky and unhealthy morning habits.  

Additional weekly challenges are designed to help you patch holes in your fitness, nutrition & health – if you have them.  Today marks the last day they will be posted publicly.  The weekly challenges will be issued (by email) only to those who request them.  They will be subscription based ($45/year).  If you'd like to receive them, please notify us by sending your email HERE.

GPP intensive trainees learn to OTC!  Fun stuff! 

GPP intensive trainees learn to OTC!  Fun stuff!