Complete 3 rounds of: 

200m sprint
25 tick tocks R 35/54
25 tick tocks L 35/54
25 donkey kicks
25 swipers 15/20 (R+L+1)
200m sprint
25 stability rev back extensions
25 inchworm w/ tuck jump
25 V-up ball transfers

Post perceived exertion level to comments.  Re-comment 24 hours later.

OK, Let's take another stab at this one.  We know a lot of you wanted to.  Note the change in rounds.  3 seems more appropriate and doable outside of HW.  

We like to come back to a workout pretty quickly after we intro it.  Helps us get our bearings by putting a few more miles on it.  Then, we'll put it away for a while.  

Let us introduce you to some of the changes on this new site.  It's cool.  More interactive and user friendly.  Here is a list of things to look for that we hoped you'd like:

  1. Check out the different images in the heading of each page.  Instead of having the same masthead at the top of each page we picked a format that hopefully (if we do it right) allows us to tell our story with photos.  For example, at the top of this page you'll see a pic of the main thing that drives us down here at GPP - Community!  Some of you may remember that workout last year.  Crab crawls in the grass!  OUCH!  Then click over to another page, like the "WARNING" page.  The pic at the top is of Nikki having her bad SAS wreck!  We thought it fitting.  One of our favs is the heading for the "Success Story Pics."  Not all pages have their own pic yet, but we'll put them up as we go - or, can find them.  Suggestions?  
  2. Did you see the "Like" button at the bottom of each post?  Go ahead.  "Like" stuff.  Totally NO STRINGS ATTACHED.  Won't cost you a thing.  No info was shared, nobody tracked your clicks, no cookies - nothing.  There is a cool payoff when you do (Ed., frankly, those little love hearts are addicting. I could sit and click them all day. It makes me happy.). 
  3. Commenting is now more interactive.  It used to be that if you wanted to comment back to someone you had to hope they found your comment somewhere down the thread.  Now, you can simply post your comment directly to theirs.  Then others can comment on your comment and so on, and so on.  
  4. You can "like" other people comments.  Don't worry.  You can take it back if they make you mad further down the thread. 
  5. You can "flag" comments.  Sometimes people write things on here that don't belong.  Like, that guy who was perving on Bethany when we posted a cool pic of her.  If that happens "flag" it.  It goes away until we can get a look at it and either erase, or re-post.
  6. Your identity can still remain anonymous if you post as "guest."  

These are just a few.  There are lots.  We are hoping by making these changes (and way more to come - we're not done with it yet, so if you are missing a piece that you want back soon holler at us, we'll get it up soon) it'll make hanging out at GPP a more pleasant experience.  

Sad news everyone.  Jana can't be here to sit with the tots at the 09:30.  She asked us to tell you.

Shmoop makin it rain in FL!

Shmoop makin it rain in FL!