3 rounds for time:

500m row
25 KB swings 25/35
400m run
25 KB swings 25/35

Post time to comments.


Gain a little weight last week?  It's normal.  

You can't put that kind of a pounding on your body without causing it to have a bit of a stress reaction - AKA SWELLING!. 

It is the same thing that athletes/racers (especially endurance types) go through after a particularly gruelling event.  The inflammation reaction from these events (our HELLth week) which causes weight gain and puffiness can last for several days to a week.  It's not unheard of to stay up in weight for 10 -14 days, but usually it only lasts 4-6.  

What causes it?  Lots of things.  

Mainly it is your body's way of putting back fluids and nutrients that you've deprived it of.  Know this, you were likely running pretty low on carbs at about mid-way through the week, last week.  By Thursday, or so you had (unless you knew how to replenish like an athlete) seriously depleted your glycogen supply.  Not critically, but still ...  Many of you felt like you were running on empty toward the end of the week.  It's easy to tell when this happens.  You get a little grumpier, feel more stressed, sleep less deeply.  Glycogen depletion puts your body into stress mode.  It wants nothing more than to replenish when this happens.  To replenish glycogen, it takes 4 parts water for every 1 part glycogen.  It is a primary cause of the weight gain.  

You also gain weight trying to re-hydrate, put electrolytes back and replenish other vitamins and nutrients.  Plus, there is the swelling from the soreness.  Haha.  That kind of goes without saying.  

Another primary cause is, your body's reaction to all the waste products you created in the muscles by thumping them so hard.  It takes a while (days/weeks) to get rid of all that damage you did to yourself.  Don't worry, you'll be better for it.  Science has shown that periodic bouts of more intense physical activity improves our ability to handle more in the future.  In other words, it can make us more fit in the long run.  More fit = more health (well, to some degree)!

Best thing you can do to encourage your body to get back to normal, is to simply - get back to normal.  Get back on your regular schedule of eating, hydrating, sleeping and recovering.  Give it time and don't do anything too drastic.  Now is not the time to be starting a diet.  Dieting to lose this kind of (stress weight) only prolongs it's effects.  Instead, get back to normal and let your body gain the benefits of a hard earned week of increased health and fitness.  


We had an amazing class at The Gym at City Creek on Monday!  20+ folks showed up to storm with us.  Fun times.  If you are in the area, please come by and storm workouts with us.  For now, class times are M,W,F @ 7:15 am.  Class sizes are extremely limited, but we are open to creating more classes.  If you show up, you won't be turned away.  First workout is FREE and this entire month is half-off.  Please contact The GYM at City Creek for prices (they are great).    

Starts and stops at City Creek!