For time:

1600 m row (or 160 rowing alt.)

1 mile run

1000 rope jumps

200 KB swings 25/35

200 situps

200 squats

200 ab bridge jacks

Post time to comments.


Hunker down for a super LONG workout today.  Some folks spent as much as 65 mins last time finishing it.

Due to the length of the workout and the number of you who want to finish HELLth week we are extending our hours for TODAY ONLY.  We are adding 2 classes.  New class times are:

8:00 am

9:30 am


Amazing week.  You've learned much about yourself this week.  You've gained a lot of momentum.  You now stand in a place where you are in control.  Now capitalize.  Move forward.  

Today's workout is ROUGH.  If you are up to it (please know your limits) we challenge you to do every rep.  Take your time, if you have to.  Do half squats; walk your mile; sub crunches for situps; simulate rope jumps; use hardly any weight for the KB swings, but TRY to get every rep!  Be super smart and don't get hurt, but finish this week out strong (VETs ignore this and go like mad - as if on fire)!  

Post that you finished to comments!  Good luck.


You are more beautiful than you think - Dove Real Beauty Sketches

For the guys - To lighten things up (but, please pay more attention to the top one).



Feels like Terry is onto something here.