AMRAP for 35 min:

30 lunge switches (1 +1 = 1)
30 squat to box jumps
400 m run

Post rounds completed to comments.


This is workout #1 of HELLth week.  This week (like other HELLth weeks before) is uber ROUGH.  The challenge this week is to complete every workout.  ALL SIX.  Those who do will raise their health and fitness to a new level.  Those who finish all of these workouts will have accomplished something special.  If you can get through HELLth week, you can get through a week of just about ANYTHING. Please be careful, but give this week your heart.  

One of the things we have learned down here at GPP is that you are WAY more capable than you give yourself credit for. What you are able to endure REALLY will astound you. After this week, you will know this.  After this week, THERE IS NO GOING BACK.  You can never again say, "that is too hard for me."  You will break through barriers this week, if you'll let yourself.  

Take this week to do that which has held you back in the past.  Workout harder than you thought you could (be careful, but do it).  Clean up your eating.  Sleep more.  Drink more water.  Take your vitamins.  Get on track.  Let this week give you the momentum you need to NEVER worry about your health or appearance again.  

Pumped to storm this with you!  Good luck!


This is SO FRICKIN cool.  Had to share.  Congrats Walkers!  Also, we're in love back! -N

"I want to share my testimonial with you guys because I'm in love with GPP and want to spread the good word.

I started working out at GPP in June 2012, and I got pregnant in July (don't drink the water ladies.) Because of the awesome trainers I was able to continue working out and adapting workouts to fit my pregnant self. I GPP'd generally 4 or 5 times a week, and six days before I gave birth I did FitZoner (with partitioned mile) in 28 minutes. I've never felt healthier, and never loved working out so much. I gained around 20 pounds my whole pregnancy, and I know without GPP it would have been more like 60+. I was at my pre-pregnancy weight two weeks after I had my baby.

 Not only did GPP help me storm through my pregnancy, but I'm pretty sure I would not have survived labor and birth without it. I planned on doing a non-medicated birth and Clark and I tried to prepare and educate ourselves the best we could by taking classes and reading books. Truth be told, thy hypnobirthing that I had planned to do went quickly out the window and my training at GPP is what carried me though to the end. My baby was posterior (spine to spine) the entire time causing terrible back labor, and the only position that was comfortable for me to labor in was leaning over the bed in a semi-squat with Clark pressing as hard as he could on my lower back. So essentially I was doing a seriously weighted squat for 7 hours, something I absolutely would have never been able to do without GPP. So, long story short, I gave birth to a healthy boy with no medication (not saying I didn't ask for it at one point) and I lived to tell the tale thanks to GPP. Seriously, it made ALL the difference. Thanks for changing my life!"


Challenges Wk 15

Physical - Complete all 6 workouts this week

Nutritional - Get hydrated.  Drink half your body weight in ounces of H20 daily!

Lifestyle - Sleep 8 hours nightly, plus a 30 min nap daily.

Additional weekly challenges are designed to help you patch holes in your fitness, nutrition & health – if you have them.  Beginning Apr. 28th, the weekly challenges will be issued (by email) only to those who request them.  They will be subscription based ($45/year).  If you'd like to receive them, please notify us by sending your email HERE.


Fitting for this week.