Perform each exercise individually for time. 

200 squats
200 Aussie pullups
200 KB swings 25/35
200 press Jacks 15/20
200 box switches 15" box (R+L=2)

Post individual times to comments.


We know your legs and arms are hashed today, but you'll need this to loosen them up a bit.  If you are really sore go ahead and cut reps significantly.  Half, or more should do.  


Start now to prepare for HELLth week.  Couple of things that will help. 

1 - Get hydrated.  Next week you are going to go through a bunch of pain.  Energy transfer, swelling reduction and waste removal will be key to your success.  Water is essential to each of these.  Becoming hydrated takes several days.  Start NOW!

2 - Get some sleep.  Starting this week well rested will pay dividends when it comes to recovery.  Those who stay out very late this weekend will hurt for it.  

3 - Avoid that Sunday carb overload.  Overloading with carbs wreaks havoc with your system.  It causes inflammation and fluid retention (not the good kind).  It also makes mobilization of free fatty acids (fuel for exercise) harder to come by for several days.  We are going to hit it hard on Monday.  It'll serve you best to be firing on all 8.  

Good Luck!


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