Every 1/2 minute for 20 minutes, alternate between the following exercises.

10 BB bent row 45/65
thrusters 45/65

Post Rx, or reps missed to comments.


Prepare yourself! 

We have ONLY 6 weeks left until summer (bikini season).  In preparation, GPP is proud to present ...

HELLth Week III!  

To help get us into shape for rocking less-cumbersome clothing and becoming more deliberately active, our programming next week will become much, much more tiresome.  Haha.  It is going to be one of those fun weeks where paying focused attention to diet, hydration & recovery will pay off in spades!  Hopefully, this will carry over to the rest of your summer (year?).  

Oh, and there will be contests, giveaways and a VERY cool t-shirt to commemorate the experience!


Here is workout #1 from HWII.  Anyone remember it?