6 rounds for time:

400 m run

20 pushups

20 box jumps

200m row

20 sideups R

20 situps

20 sideups L

Post time to comments.


Challenges Week 13

Physical Challenge - (VIDEO)

- STRETCHES you might consider working on.   

- Spend, at least, 2 continuous minutes stretching this joint, or ROM daily.  

- You may stretch up to 3x daily (best if spaced 2 hrs, or more apart).  

- Only stretch to the point of mildly uncomfortable - NEVER pain.  

- Spend all week working on the same issue.    

Nutritional Challenge -

Swimsuit season is only 60 days away!  We challenge you with cleaning up the meal most of us struggle with the most. DINNER!  If you accept this challenge, the only meals you'll eat after 4pm this week (no snacks) will be Burst Cycle 3rd meals.  So, 4-6 oz. chicken breast and 1 cup veggies.  GOOD LUCK!  

Lifestyle Challenge

Please offer to the community daily (through comments) the one piece of health, fitness, or nutrition advice you would most benefit from.  Please give it as advice to us - your trainers. 

Additional weekly challenges are designed to help you patch holes in your fitness, nutrition & health – if you have them.  Beginning Apr. 28th, the weekly challenges will be issued (by email) only to those who request them.  They will be subscription based ($45/year).  If you'd like to receive them, please notify us by sending your email HERE


2013-03-12 06.09.16.jpg

A couple weeks ago, this move was considered unthinkable to most (not Zen Master Dave).  It is becoming commonplace at GPP!