AMRAP at 70% of capacity for 30 min:

400 m run 
10 BG2OH 15/20 ea.
10 pullups
10 walking lunges (R+L=1)

Post rounds completed to comments.


Kipping Pullup: How To
The GPP Jumping Pullup
Progression to Chinups


It has been a long winter.  

The last several months is the longest stretch of time ever without an Rx'd run (without an alt.) in a daily workout.  Take it easy.  Our programming will make you feel a little more invincible than you are.  We program in a way that makes it possible to run, even when you haven't specifically been running during your workouts.  The problem with this is, while your CV system and muscles might be ready for a run, your joints and bones might not be.  

Give them a while to catch up.  If you've been with us a while, and have been in GPP running shape before, several weeks (2-3) of consistant, low intensity run training at 2-3 times per week should bring you back up to speed quickly enough.  Longer for some of you.   


Snaked this from Janetha's website.  Very interesting, eh?