30 pushups (strict)
30 straight leg situps
3 sets of 30 seconds ea. piriformis stretch and low back stretch


5-5-5-5-5 sets ea side of:

Single Arm Snatch AHAP

Post weights per set to comments.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking HALF-reps will get you very far.  Some folks mistakenly think that doing half-pushups, or half-squats, or half-ANYTHING will someday transfer into full reps. 

It wont.

Half reps ONLY incr your ability to do half of the rep.  The other half of the rep (the hardest part of it) remains virtually untrained.  That means STARTING OVER FROM THE BEGINNING if you ever want to receive the full benefits of these workouts.  It is going a long way back in order to go just a little way forward from where you may have progressed after a year, or so of our training.  And it is NEVER worth trading the time it would have taken to do it right the first time. 

Half-reps have their place.  They are crucial and critical for rehabbing and preventing certain injuries, in certain people (they know who they are).  But for those who are able-bodied, doing half reps only yeilds half-a**** results.

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I’ve got 100.