4 rounds for time:

800m run
30 V-ups
30 KB swings 25/35

Post time to comments.


The folks over at GPP NWA are the REAL DEAL.  High quality folks over there.  They come to us from a place of integrity and experience that few others can match.  We wish they were closer.  (Ed. - I would buy a membership at their place).  Here is a story I found on their Official F5 Endurance page about their founder.  You are an inspiring human Kevin! ...

"Back in the summer of 2010, F5 member Kevin Whaley was weighing in around 300lbs. After a harsh warning from his doctor, he made the decision to take charge of his health. He could not make a mile on his first bike ride, but he was determined to not quit. Taking it one day at a time, Kevin got closer and closer to his goals. Today he is an Ironman pursuing his dream of helping others to be healthy and reach their fullest potential through GPP NWA!
Picture below: On the left is Kevin in the fall of 2010 riding a hybrid bike...to Siloam Springs and back to Rogers for a total of 100 miles. On the right is Kevin last month at GPP training camp. Go Kevin!"

GPP NWA's 9000+ sq/ft facility opens soon (It has got all the bells and whistles!).  We'll keep you up to speed on all the haps!