2 rounds for time:

40 kb swings 25/35
40 squats 
40 Aussie pullups
40 lunge steps
40 OH db presses 15/20 
40 KB high sumo 35/54
40 triceps narrow pushups
40 back ext
40 tick tocks (20 per side)
40 db biceps curls 15/20

Post time to comments.


Chalenges Week 12 

Physical Challenge - (complete as many as possible in addition to DWs)

-1000 jumping jacks
- 50 kipping pullups
- 100 anchored stability ball situps
- 2 hrs cardio
- 5 min "feet up" any stability ball balance drill 

Nutritional Challenge - You are to drink ONLY water as a beverage this week.  

Lifestyle Challenge - Hand write a Thank You card and mail it.   

Additional weekly challenges are designed to help you patch holes in your fitness, nutrition & health – if you have them.  Soon, the weekly challenges will be issued (by email) only to those who request them.  They will be subscription based ($45/year).  If you'd like to receive them, please notify us by sending your email HERE


Melissa PR'd her marathon last week by a half hour!  Strong work!