2 rounds for time:

400m run
25 squats
400m run
25 situps
400m run
25 high sumos 45/65
400m run
25 pushups 
400m run
25 burpees

Post time to comments.


We've been pushing you a little extra hard on Saturdays lately.  We've learned that many who come on Saturdays use it as a make-up day.  Usually, they've missed a workout or two throughout the week.  It has thrown their mojo off and they are not getting all the benefits of the daily programming GPP provides.  

Now, you can't really make up for missing benefits of our daily programming.  But, we'll do the best we can by hucking this kind of thing onto you for a partial sub.  The thing is, if you've got 5 workouts behind you and you are just hitting up a Saturday for some extra credit - you might want to be careful.  Where an extra workout can really add to your fitness when done with caution, a GPP Saturday workout might be too much for some.  

If you are worried (or, unsure), we suggest cutting the volume a bit.  Go at the same intensity, but drop 20-30% of the reps.  

Hitting up an extra workout per week can be very rewarding, but only if it doesn't undo (through injury) what you've already painstakingly accomplished.


No ... I think she'll (Alison) pull out of this.