4 rounds:

400m run
50 walking lunges (R+L=2)
50 situps
50 press jacks 15/20 ea.

Post Rx or portion completed to comments.



High Windmills are cool. Amazing move. They put you into an unfamiliar positions forcing you to learn new movement patterns.  These new movement patterns have transfer into healthy living.  Here are several reasons why:

1- They increase functional core strength.  Who couldn’t use some more of that? Improved functional core strength looks good on, AND prevents low back injury.  SCORE!

2 – They improve strength and flexibility of the shoulder joint.  Those of us who struggled with these probably did so because of a lack of arm strength, or a lack of flexibility at the shoulder.  By slowly engaging in this exercise, it horizontally abducts and externally rotates the shoulder joint under manageable stress improving both strength and flexibility.  This can improve posture and shoulder health!

3 – They increase hip mobility.  Because of our minimalist mandate, GPPeeps stretch DURING our workouts. The unique weighted stretch to the legs from this movement not only strengthened the glutes and hams, it also provided a very effective hamstring stretch.     

high windmill

Sidney, Abbey, Morgan, & Annie showing exactly how to get them done.