800m run (slow jog)
10 min Swiss ball balance drills (seated & knees)


Perfom 4 supersets of each.

10 OH triceps ext AHAP 
20 bench dips


1 min stability plank
20 v-ups

Post Rx, weight of OH, plus longest time completed balancing on Swiss ball to comments.  


Test Date

Body Fat
Blood Pressure
Total Chol.
HDL Chol.
03/05/13 68.0 240.6 36 26 39.5 Yes 118 / 74 178 16 76    
04/16/12 68.0 259.8 39 32 43.5 Yes 126 / 92 199 28 136    

Lizz, above are my test results from April 2012 and from this past Tuesday.  I didn't start watching what I eat and seriously exercising until September 1st 2012 when I first came to GPP. I was at my heaviest (268 lbs) by August and needed to do something different.  Joining GPP has been the best decision I've made in a long time and one that benefits not only myself, but my family.  I have more energy now than ever and although the weight has been slow to come off (need to be strict on diet), I have seen improvements in other aspects of my health. ... I weighed 268 in late August and today I'm at 239.7!  My new year's resolution was to be at 234 on my birthday in October, so now I need to adjust my goal and aim for 210.  
By the way, I HATE jump ropes.  Six months ago I could barely string 5 in a row....now I'm stringing 100 or more at a time...but I still hate them, more than burpees! 
Thanks again to you and the GPP staff.  You guys make working out fun!


The numbers above don't tell the whole story!  Thanks AA.