Perform 2 rounds.

Complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds "rest" of each of:

pushups  - "rest" in the pushup start position (piking acceptable)
400m run
situps - "rest" with 6" leg hold
400m run
BTB squats - "rest" in the squat position 

Post reps completed for each exercise to comments.


A More Fit Triathlete - by Lizz Bennett 

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A note to those of you feeling a little "burnout" lately (most of us have been VERY hard at it since Jan 1).

Never underestimate the need for rest.  Mark Cavendish (World Champion Cyclist) said it best, "The hard work is easy, but it takes balls to rest."  

If you aren't sure if your rut is due to burnout or laziness - REST.  Give it a few days.  Maybe even a week. 

Scientists have done much to measure lost fitness due to inactivity. In general, a person only BEGINS (many factors here, including activity, movement, and other lifestyle factors) to lose cardiovascular fitness after 7 full days of inactivity. The study I saw on this only found "measurable" decreases after the person was totally inactive.

Anaerobic fitness (strength training) is thought to only BEGIN to de-train after 14 days of inactivity. Again, many contributing factors here. The more active you are the less you lose.

Without adequate rest your GPP workouts are for naught.  You may have the energy to survive them, but without rest they aren't doing you any good.  In fact, they may even cause harm.  ANY workout will.  Only a person experienced enough with resting can know how much rest you need to stay on track with your measured health and fitness increases.  Those without the courage to rest - will never know.  


Josh, must we REALLY find a way to make "Manimals" harder?  Cool.